Home Beauty Tips 8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine

8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine

8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine
8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine
8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine
8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine

Focusing on being a responsible citizen and doing your part to work in ‘green’ way is of utmost importance nowadays. Many families use o be very conscious about staying co-friendly and they recycle at home rather littering and polluting air. However, by following few tips you can green up your daily routine as well.

Take Shorter Showers

Conserving water is a huge favor you can do to your environment. You can put up water saving into your everyday routine, by taking quick showers. To prevent water from frittering away, start soaping up or shampooing just after entering the shower rather than standing in it doing nothing. This eco-friendly habit will enable you to save tons of water every year.

Make Natural, Homemade Facial Masks

When it comes to green beauty products, none is much greener and eco-friendly than a natural, homemade facial mask. It gives your face the desired health and glow, naturally and assists you in staying away from chemicals. Moreover, it is quite friendly towards your pockets as well, as you don’t have to buy expensive beauty products. You can prepare facial masks at home using apples and honey or baking soda and water.

Use Coconut Oil Instead of Lotion

Replace your body lotions with coconut oil. Preserve it in a reusable container and it will trump even second-hand body lotion bottles. As coconut oil is solid, put it in the shower to liquefy it and massage it on your skin after taking shower.

Use Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

The commercially and chemically produced makeup removers contain abrasive chemicals and skin pollutants. No doubt, these chemicals help removing the makeup easily but they also wreak havoc on you skin. Olive oil, on the other hand, is a purely natural makeup remover; it efficiently and safely takes away mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and other cosmetics.

Use Witch Hazel for Clearer Skin

Many women suffer facial, chest, back and neck acne. Majority of them turn to products with abrasive chemicals and medications to chuck out acne and pimples. But, witch hazel can also serve the same purpose for you. Use it on the affected areas to avoid breakouts.

Purchase Products in Ecology Responsible Packaging

If you don’t prefer preparing your own beauty products at home, make sure to buy products in ecology responsible packaging.

Use Bar Soap to Lather Up

Though variety of liquid soaps and body washes are on the market today, the greener choice is utilizing bar soap.

Utilize Cross-Use or Double Duty Products

Cross-use the products to cut down the use of bottled products and avoid purchasing multiple products for achieving the same results.