Home Beauty Tips 7 Must-Know Tips on How to Exfoliate You

7 Must-Know Tips on How to Exfoliate You

7 Must-Know Tips on How to Exfoliate You
7 Must-Know Tips on How to Exfoliate You
7 Must-Know Tips on How to Exfoliate You
7 Must-Know Tips on How to Exfoliate You

Exfoliation is the second step in every basic skincare regimen. It makes your skin soft, silky and smooth. Exfoliating the entire body once a week is indispensable for maintenance of fresh-looking skin. If you are quite unsure about exfoliating your body properly, here is a simple guide to follow. Check out the tips.

What You Need

The foremost tip on how to exfoliate your skin properly suggests you to collect all the needed items. The things needed to get soft and silky skin include a loofah, pumice stone, a back brush, a quality exfoliating body wash, and moisturizer. Remember, all these things are obligatory not optional and you are suppose to have all these before you start exfoliating process.

Before You Shower

Do a dry brush before you shower. Simply wet your body and rub your loofah over your entire skin. It will purge any dead and dry skin, making your skin ready for exfoliation.

Start with Your Feet

As you know, your feet are the most functional part of your body so they become rough by the end of weeks. Therefore, I suggest you to start exfoliating process with your feet. Steep your feet in tepid water for a couple of minutes to soften up the skin and then with a pumice stone rub away dead, dry skin from the heels and the areas of your feet.

Use a Premium Exfoliator

Always use a premium quality exfoliating cleanser to exfoliate your body. Simply rub the exfoliator on your feet, then legs and so on. It is advisable to work one body part at one time. Now, light-handedly massage the exfoliator into your skin while moving your hands in a circular motion. Finally, purge the dead skin with the help of your loofah.

Exfoliate Your Back Too

Exfoliating the rear is something really tricky. Back brush is needed for this purpose. Its long handle will let you reach all those hard-to-reach areas. Using a circular motion, simply move the brush around.


After you’ve your entire body, rinse off the exfoliating cleanser with warm or cooler water. It is suggested not to use hot water as it will be too harsh on your newly-explored skin.


And last but surely not the least, moisturize your skin with a rich moisturizer that suits your skin type. It will leave your skin soft and smooth by replenishing the moisture it lost while exfoliating.