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7 Must-Have Beauty Products for Your Beach Bag


If you are planning going to beach, you should have enough knowledge about how to protect your skin from the sun as you will be exposed to sun for long. While packing your beach bag, be sure to throw a few beach must-haves in it to protect yourself from sun and cold.

Beach Cover Up

As the day moves on and evening approaches, the weather can become cooler. If you feel a bit cold, you will be ready with a stylish beach cover-up packed in your bag.


Don’t forgo or forget wearing sunscreen before heading outdoors. As you are going to beach, a waterproof sunscreen will work much better than a regular one as a water-resistant sunscreen stays on in and out of the water. Reapply the sunscreen all through the day to offer your skin sun and UV protection all day long.


A straw hat is necessary to keep your head cool. Settle on a neutral color hat or get one with embellishments. Along with keeping you cool, hat will add a special touch to your swimsuit.

Blotting Papers

Whether or not you are wearing makeup, your beach bag must contain a pack of blotting papers. When the temperature heats up, you sweat more and your skin starts looking greasy. You can get rid of built-up oils and sweat easily with a blotting paper. Simply take a paper and touch your face lightly a few times and you are instantly fresh.

Lip Balm

Another beach must have is lip balm with sun protection formula (SPF) as no one wants sun to wreak havoc on their lips. Lip balm prevents your lips from peeling and drying. Touch up the balm after drinking and every few hours as it dies away.


Just like your body and lips, your eyes too need sun protection. Wearing sunglasses is an effective way to protect your eyes from sun. Besides, sunglasses give you a stylish and gorgeous look. As you are heading to beach, try dark-colored sunglasses as they offers much better protection and don’t let the sun irritate your eyes.

After Sun Treatment

After spending some time in the sun, you will definitely long for a soothing after-sun treatment. Put on the potion more than a few times throughout the day to hydrate your skin and offer relief to hot skin.