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7 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock …


Makeup and beauty trends and styles keep on changing all times; something that is trendier and popular among the masses today loses popularity after a couple of days or weeks and is replaced by any other trendier look. However, the forgone trends launch a comeback after a while; it is the time to rock the vintage, classy looks again.

Red Lipstick

No matter what your natural skin tone is, you can feel free to paint your lips red at any time, on any occasion. All you have to do is to pick the red that can work well for your complexion. You may want to put on concealer around your lips for defining the lips any further. You may also want to fill in your lips with a red lip liner as classic makeup seems incomplete without lip liner.

Perfect Matte Skin

The key to create a picture perfect makeup look is to employ right combination of foundation, concealer and powder. And yes, the way you apply the cosmetics also count a lot. First apply a moisturizer allover your face, then work with concealer to disguise any imperfections and finally dab on foundation and powder to top off the look flawlessly.

Cat Eye Look

Classy cat eyeliner look is an all time favorite look of many women. You can rock this look for about any event, especially nighttime event. Great eyeliner and creativity is the only key to achieve this great makeup look. Gel or cream eyeliner usually work best to create the cat eyeliner look.

Defined Brows

Dark and well-defined eyebrows can give more polished look to your makeup and put emphasis on the eyes. To make your brows fuller and darker, you may use dark brow powder.

Neutral Eyeshadow

Keep your eyes neutral as the overwhelming eyeshadow can ruin your picture perfect makeup look by overshadowing the rest of your makeup. Paint your lids vanilla or cream so that they don’t compete with your entire makeup. The neutral eyeshades accentuate your pretty peepers more than any other color.

Rosy Cheeks

Addition of a rosy powder blush or rosy cream rouge to the cheeks can render you an instant glow and evens out your vintage makeup look. However, it is important avoid overdoing with the blush as it will give you a look as if you have fever.

Vintage Hair

Another way to get extra glamorous look for a night out is rocking a vintage hairstyle. Finger waves and pin curls look great and can be created at home. However, if you have very short time, experiment with a few bouncy curls or hot rollers.