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7 Beauty Regimes to Follow While Pregnant

7 Beauty Regimes to Follow While Pregnant

7 Beauty Regimes to Follow While PregnantBeing pregnant is very delightful experience. Usually the beauty and skincare regimen you use normally becomes inapt for you while you are expectant. You need to introduce some amendments in the regimen in order to stay fresh and gorgeous during this quite tough time without any risk of damage to yours or your unborn baby’s health.

A few beauty regimes you should follow during pregnancy are mentioned here

Intake Plenty of Water

A best beauty routine to stick to during pregnancy is consuming adequate amount of water. Water will hose down the toxins from your body, giving your skin a healthy glow and shine. Plus it will keep your skin firm and supple and also reduce the odds of stretch marks.

Wash Face Often

Your facial skin stays exposed all the times so it attracts grim, dust and other impurities from the air that settle on it. So, frequently wash your face only with water to take the dirt and impurities away and open up the skin pores that might have closed due to these impurities. Besides expectant ladies, this is also highly recommended to those who have acne prone skin.

Skin Cleansing Routine

Create and follow a simple cleansing routine. Only use cleanser, moisturizer and toner. Stay away from the products that contain abrasive chemicals because they can easily absorb into the blood stream via skin pores.

Apply Sun Screen

Protect your skin and body from the sun and damaging UV rays emitted by the sun. Be sure to wear sun screen of SPF 30 (at least) almost half an hour before going out in the sun.

Keep the Makeup Light

Minimize the use of cosmetics as much as it is possible. The cosmetic usually contain chemicals that are very harmful for you and the baby developing in your womb. So, if it is necessary to use makeup as you have to attend any get-together or any other function, keep it light and get rid of it as soon as you comeback home.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

If you have worn makeup, be sure removing it with a mild and quality makeup remover before bedtime. If not removed properly or timely, the makeup can cause pore clogging that in turn gives rise to other skin issues.

Paint Hair or Add Highlights

Paint your hair or add highlights, be sure the hair color or paint doesn’t come in contact with your scalp. Don’t dye your entire hair during pregnancy.