6 Tips for Makeup that Lasts

6 Tips for Makeup that Lasts
Use the tips and maintain the freshness of your makeup all day long

Most of the working ladies don makeup in the start of the day and want to maintain its freshness throughout the day since they don’t have extra time to touch up the makeup. There are few tips that ensure the durability of makeup. Use the tips and maintain the freshness of your makeup all day long.

  1. Clean your face before starting makeup. Don’t put on fresh make-up over the yesterday’s scraps. Surely you should have removed the makeup before going to bed, so, what you have to do before donning new makeup is to tone the skin for removing any oil that may have produced during the night.
  2. Make use of a right moisturizer. Pick a moisturizer that suits your skin type, preferably the one containing SPF 15 or greater to protect your skin from sun exposure. Skin protection is necessary for marinating beauty and reducing ageing effects of sun exposure.
  3. Don’t forget to apply makeup primers. Primers even out the skin by filling in the soft, mild lines and wrinkles and prepare the skin for the application of makeup. Moreover, they reduce redness and help camouflaging eye bags and inflammation.
  4. Dab foundation uniformly. Choose a quality foundation that is best suited for your skin type. Instead of the fingertips, apply the foundation with the help of a sponge so that you can don it evenly. If you want to get best results, go for mineral makeup products.
  5. Use translucent powder. Application of foundation should be followed by the powder application. It will set the foundation and also prevents its breakup because of skin oils.
  6. Avoid patting your face and rubbing your eyes during the day, since in this way you will smudge the makeup and the oil and dirt accumulated on your hand will not let the makeup last long.