Home Beauty Tips Skin Care 5 Skin & Makeup Tips for African American Teen Girls!

5 Skin & Makeup Tips for African American Teen Girls!

5 Skin & Makeup Tips for African American Teen Girls!

5 Skin & Makeup Tips for African American Teen Girls!While makeup and skincare tips always come in handy, finding out right beauty and makeup tips for blacks is tough as there are not enough makeup and beauty magazines that feature tips and articles geared toward black girls. No need to despair, however, as we have come up with a few effective makeup tips addressing different variations in black skin.

Even out Skin: Evening out the tone and texture is the trickiest thing about black skin. Some blacks have oily skin, other have dry and few have combination skin. If your skin is oily, use a quality gel cleanser and a light moisturizer. If you have skin, treat it with a rich, creamy cleanser and moisturizer. Exfoliate your skin weekly to even out its texture and pamper it with a shea and cocoa butter cream to even out its tone.

Butter cream: Those having light brown complexion can add to their natural beauty with mauve or golden brown lip color. The best eye makeup for you is shimmery gold as it effectively jazz up your eyes. Finish it with brown eyeliner and brown/black mascara. Warm orange is the best blush shade for you.

Caramel: If your complexion is medium brown, employ plum or rosy-pink lip color to make your desirable, fuller pouts look much more interesting. When it comes to eyeshadow, shimmery gold and purple are your colors. These instantly brighten your eyes. Top off you’re your eye makeup with black eyeliner and black mascara. Use medium pink blush to highlight your cheek apples.

Milk Chocolate: Best lip colors for dark brown complexion are rosy pink, wine or medium brown. Just like medium-brown complexion, best eyeshadow colors for dark brown skin are also purple and shimmery gold. Likewise, black is eyeliner and mascara color for you. If you want defining your cheeks, experiment with warm pink tone.

Dark Chocolate: Enhance your beauty with wine, plum or berry lipstick, blue or purple eyeshades, black eyeliner and mascara and sheer wine blush if you have very dark complexion.