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5-Minute Make-Up Routine


5-Minute Make-Up RoutineIf you are one of those who like to look extremely good and perfect when they go out and at the same time when they have a very little time too then they need to know some simple tricks and some simple equipments that help them to get a perfect look in small and short time frame and here are the list of your morning make-up equipments that will help you get ready in 5 minutes.
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Concealer: – there is nothing better than a perfect skin and a flawless complexion and for that you can use a transparent foundation and if you have any complicated skin marks or issues then you can use concealer before or after applying foundation, but if you have miner issues then you can use it just before you start blending it, the key to get the perfect look is take foundation in your hand and rub it between your palms and then apply all over your face, neck and any part that is reveling and then take the blending sponge and blend it.

BB cream: – if you have a beautiful skin then you can use multi-purpose products too like you can use BB creams, and with that you don’t need to use foundation, concealer, highlighter, sunscreen, anti-aging serum and moisturizer and they all come with that one cream and you just need to use it the way you use liquid foundation and you will love the way it cover your skin and the flows of your skin.

Makeup A Second Layer Of Eye ShadowEye liner or eye shadow: – no matter how kind of eyes you have and how kind of shape of face you have, there is always something that can help you to get a beautiful and fascinating eyes and I would say that invest in a best eye liner and mascara and at the same time you can use tricks too, and for that you can use transparent mascara, lash curler and gel liner and you can use brown or gray liner or shade and that will actually enhance the look and you can use your lip-gloss over your lid to finish the look and tryst me, it look perfect.

Bronzer Or BlushBronzer Or Blush: – I would say that if you don’t have time to do a complete and a proper make up then you just need one thing to add colors in your look and that is a mineral bronze, when you using this then you don’t need to use blush, eye shade, contortion and at the same time it add a very beautiful and natural sun kissed look which will not only make you look beautiful  and stylish, but will add a healthy and natural glow in your skin and which will stay with you for the rest of your day.

Cosmoholic Lip Gloss Lip StickLip Gloss: – when you don’t have time to apply lip liner+ lip moisturizer+ foundation+ and lips tick then never do that, when you do not have time then I would say that you should use lip gloss and for that you can use a transparent on or you can sue the colored one and they both will look perfect on you.