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4 Steps to an Instant Facelift

4 Steps to an Instant Facelift

4 Steps to an Instant FaceliftWhile nobody wants to grow aged, ageing is something unavoidable, everyone will to go aged sooner or later. However, by pampering your skin rightly and leaving what is causing you to age, you can hold up the ageing process. Here are some four face-lifting tips to improve your skin and give it a youthful glow.


Our skin is just like an absorbent sponge and tends to absorb everything it comes in contact with. That’s why, the dirt and other impurities present in the air accumulates on our skin. If not cleansed properly, these accumulations set several skin conditions in motions such as breakout, patchy skin etc. Cleanse your skin regularly with a suitable cleanser instead of investing in a costly salon treatment to give you face the much-needed lift instantly.


The next step to soft, supple, youthful skin is toning. The cleansers enlarge the pores to deep cleanse your skin. If left that way, these enlarged skin pores can upsurge the risk of blemish formations. Toners are specialized products to minimize the enlarged pores. So, ensure using an alcohol-based toner after cleansing to minimize the pores and kill any underlying bacteria. You’ll find your skin instantly glowing after toning.


Scrubbing or exfoliation is the third ritual of every basic skincare regimen. It expels deep-seated grime in the pores plus purging the dead skin cells that give you a worn-out look. It’s actually a one-step cleansing and toning process which leaves you with extremely glowing and robust skin.


Besides grime, cleansing, toning and scrubbing treatments strip your skin of natural essential oils too. If left unnoticed, the skin will become dry and flaky giving way to wrinkle. Moiisturizing the skin with a suitable moisturizing lotion or cream hydrates the skin and keep the elastic collagen layers fresh, maintaining the youthful appearance of your skin.