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4 Eyebrow And Hair Color Matching Rules


Look Natural – While coloring your eyebrows, the key is to have a natural and more desirable look which will bring about a high end look and result. A brow powder can be used to enhance the look to bolder or more natural.

One of the makeup artist says that if your are aiming at getting the natural look the color of your brows is one or two shade darker or cooler than the color of your natural or cosmetically dyed hair. Excessively dark eyebrows can make your face look harsh and if the brows are excessively light, they will wash you out.

If you are a redhead, there is no problem with warming them up but never try to match them too closely to your new hue. Carry on cautiously while lightening your brows. Even blondes are suggested to have a very light brown brow to get more appealing look.

Match Your Makeup

Mathew Nigara, a renowned makeup artists shares a trick to match your brows to your hair color with us, she says, for matching your brows with the hair color you should match the eyebrow hair’s color to your eye makeup instead of matching it with the hair on your head. You will see a remarkable difference in your look, she claims.

Be Picky With Products

A talented hairstylist Mona Maleki says that knowing the product you should use is one of the leading rules to tinting your eyebrows. She says that bleach and regular hair color are not apt for brow hairs and lashes.

As a qualified hairdresser, she suggests her clients to apply a little concealer over the brows and then try out the color first with eyebrow shadow or powder, not a pencil. Be sure to choose any color from the same family and within some shades as your hair color.

However, if you have dyed your hair in any dramatic or less neutral colors then it is advised to stay stick to your natural color, when it comes to color your eyebrow hair or you will end up with a clown like look.

Hair Color Matters

If you have excessively light eyebrows that don’t show up well, define them with a color one or two shade darker than your natural brow color. And if you have darker hair or you went to a dyed look, give them a softer look by lightening them a few shades.