4 Best Tips for Healthy, Blemish-Free Summer Skin

4 Best Tips for Healthy, Blemish-Free Summer Skin
4 Best Tips for Healthy, Blemish-Free Summer Skin

Every season demands few amendments in the basic skin care routine. With the changing weather and climate it becomes crucial to introduce few changes in the routine that can bring healthy and radiant glow for your skin. Though chilly winter season affects our skin in one way and hot summer weather affects quite differently but it’s and established fact that both the seasons have direct effects over our facial and body skin. Your skin can turn excessively dry or excessively oily during hot summer months. Excessive oiliness then leads to pimple and acne outbreaks. Here are some tips to get and maintain the healthy and beautiful complexion all through summer.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Indisputably, the first tip to maintain healthy and glowing complexion during hot summer days is utilizing sunscreen regularly. Excessive sun exposure may trigger different skin conditions including premature aging, formation of sun spots, sunburn, inflammation, blistering and in most severe cases skin cancer. Applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or more before moving outside of home will protect your skin from harmful rays thus prevent sun damage.

Stay Hydrated and Well-moisturized

Our skin happens to be extra sensitive towards heat and it reacts against heat immediately in the form of dry skin patches. Usually, dry skin patches begin on your hands and elbows and hastily spread to face and other body parts. To prevent dry, flaky skin it is important to keep the skin hydrated and well-moisturized. Apply moisturizing lotion or cream, consume plenty of water, avoid extreme heat and be sure to wear loose clothing if heat exposure is inevitable, to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple throughout summer.

Protect Skin from Chlorine and Salt

During summer, many people love to spend their free time at beach or pool. The salt and chlorine present in pool and sea water, however, can inflict havoc on your skin. Hence, it is necessary to take safety measures to protect the skin from devastating effects of salt and chlorine. To prevent the damage, be sure to take shower before and after swimming and beach time. In this way, the residues of salt and chlorine that had accumulated in the skin pores will be removed and skin will be protected.

Prevent Sweat Induced Summer Breakouts

Your body sweats more when you spend more time in heat. This sweat, at times, brings about acne outbreaks, cause heart rashes or rashes in the areas where fitted clothing is worn. To prevent these aggravations, it is important to buy products designed especially to prevent acne or skin irritations, and take shower after any outdoor activity or other activities where you sweat more than usual.