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15-Minute Workout Plan to Burn Fat and Tone Up


Today we are going to introduce a work out that you can at home and you don’t need to join any sort of gym for that and the equipment you will use are very normal and they cost next to nothing, and with all of these qualities, it will actually help you lost weight and will help you get in better shape in no time at all and we are going to use skipping robe and if you are a beginner then you probably should use and then you will start with heavy PVC rope and jump more slowly, but you need to improve and you need to keep making progress with the passage of time, Workout Plan to Burn Fat,what you need to do is wear conferrable running shoes and if you are overweight then you might want to add knee and ankle splint to prevent any kind of injury  and you need to wear comfortable skin tight dress too and keep a water bottle with you too and add some ACV in it too and let’s  start a 15 minute jump rope workout that will help you lose weight.

15-Minute Workout Plan to Burn Fat and Tone Up15 Minute Cardio Sweat,HIIT Body Weight Workout

Single Jump: – This is a basic jump that we use to do in our child hoot, you don’t need to add too much pressure in this one, plain jumping is enough, you just need to jump as higher as you need to clear the rob and then land on your toes smoothly and you need to do that till you get wormed up.

15-Minute Workout Plan to Burn Fat and Tone Up
Step Touch: – Now you need to hold the handles of the rope together and swing the rope to your right tuning it twice in circular motion and keep swinging your waist with that and keep swinging the rob at your right and left fest, be careful though.

Lastly, one of the best ways to increase your vertical jump and overall athleticism is to be consistently active in your sport of choice.Running Jump: – It is very good to make your body get heat up and for that you need an open place, you need to run with the skipping rob, and if you don’t have open place then you can actually run on the same place too and for that you just need to skip with one foot and keep running on the same point.

Double Jump: – Now from now on we will add some difficulties in your workout, this is an advanced jump and requires you to jump as high as possible and you need to swing the rope fast enough to cores twice under your feet before you hit the floor and it is very difficult and it take lots of practice too, but it will throw you in a sea of sweat in 5 minutes.
The (15-Minute) Superfast Total-Body Workout
Now at the end, you need to put a clock in front of you and skip for whole 5 minutes, don’t stop at all, let your body work beyond its power and then sit on your feet for 2 minutes and you will see your body releasing fat and sweat.

Best of luck