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10 Simple Ways to Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles Around Your


How To Prevent WrinklesI can bet that there would be millions of woman and man out there who wish to know the magic potion that which can keep their ageing away from their face and their skin, but unfortunately, there is no such thing as magical potion for timeless beauty:)but today I am going to share some simple tips which can help you get batter skin and reduce your wrinkles and fine line.4 simple ways to prevent and reduce wrinkles

Here are some ways which can help you preventing wrinkles

1-Stay away from sun and tanning bed, we know that they look good and they look beautiful , we all love some shades on our skin, but it will accelerate your age process.

2-Wear sunscreen no matter which season it is, even during winter and especially in chilled weather when you love to get some heat direct on your body, it will not only keep your skin healthy and beautiful , but it will actually prevents those wrinkles and skin cancers too.

3-Wash your face before bed, and it is not a simple cleaning, you just wash your face with warm water and keep washing for a minute and then splash chilled water all over your face everyday.

4-Don’t over wash your face, you should wash your face with soap 2 times a day and use plain water therapy 2 times a day, cause tap water strips your skin of natural oils and barriers that help to prevent wrinkles and dry patches too.

5-    I personally think that you should not soap bodies to wash your face; you can try baby shampoo and it is not only very mild it cleans your skin and it will not act too harsh on your skin too, or you can use a mild natural cleanser so you don’t strip your skin’s natural moisture.

6-Get your Beauty Sleep cause it is one of the main reasons when you start seeing aging signs on your skin, and never think that an 8 hours sleep of day time is a good substitute for your night sleep.

7-Change your Pillowcase too often, like use a pillow for a month and then switch the side and then throw it, or sanitize your pillows, and use neat and clean satin pillow case every other day or after every third day and it will not only help you skin, it will keep your skin fine lines and wrinkle free too.

8-Don’t Smoke or drink, these are bad things for your skin and literally dehydrate your skin and make it dry inside which is a root cause of aging.

9-Eat More Fish and other sea foods since they are loaded with protein and fatty acid omega-3 which nourishes the skin and keeps it plump and youthful inside out and it is very good for your heart and for your body too.

10-Keep it Moisturized  and clean, you need to apply ample amount of moisturizer all over your skin and your body whenever you wash your face and wash the previous layer of moisturizer from your skin.

Best of luck